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Our division of Harber Marine Construction Inc., specializes in all your marine construction needs including, but not limited to, boat lifts, vinyl sea walls, concrete hog slat docks, and custom boat houses. In addition, our team provides annual maintenance, troubleshooting, and inspections.

Licenses & Certifications:

NC Licensed Building Contractor #: 78669
NC Landscape Contractor’s Corporate License#: CL0228
NC Landscape Contractor’s Individual License#: 1378
NC Septic Certification#: 4587
NCMA Certified Wall Installer

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Initial Site Visit

During this stage of the process, our team will meet you at the site and go over the project details and determine what needs to be done.

Some important aspects of this process will be determining the scope of work, how our team will access the site (by barge or from shore), the neighboring properties to be affected, and any other site constraints. These factors are important as to what kind of CAMA permit or surveys will be needed and allow us to give you an accurate quote.

Design Review

After the initial meeting and site visit, our team will develop a CAD design for your review to ensure you like the layout and everything you had wanted is properly laid out.

Once the design meets your expectations, our team will provide you with a quote to perform the work and detail the materials to be used.

What We Will Review

Project specification sheet
Proposed cost breakdown
What is included in the build price.

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Engineering & Surveying

After approval of your quote, our team will begin gathering all of the remaining items needed for obtaining the CAMA permits to begin your job.

Our team will handle all engineering, surveying, adjacent landowner sign-off and CAMA permit applications to make the process as easy and stress free for you.

What We Will Review

Project specification sheet
Proposed cost breakdown

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Proposed cost breakdown

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Permit Approval & Mobilazation

Once we receive all required approvals and permits, we will then have your project placed in the schedule for construction and move the barge/ equipment to the site when ready.

What We Will Review

Project specification sheet
Proposed cost breakdown

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Construction to Completion

Once the day comes to complete the work, our team will make sure all aspects of your project are done to the highest quality and you are satisfied.

We will walk you through how to use your new boat lift and any other equipment installed and make sure the site is cleaned up before leaving. After the project is completed, we offer annual maintenance on all boatlifts and inspections to make sure everything is properly functioning and safe.

What We Will Review

Punch list
Owner’s manuals
Maintenance schedules

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What’s Next?

Whether you’re just gathering ideas, or are ready to break ground, we’d love to hear about it.