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Ensure worry-free boating with our comprehensive boat lift maintenance package! We’ll thoroughly grease your top beam and gears, meticulously inspect your cables for optimal safety, and adjust your bunks and slings for a perfect fit. We’ll also assess the condition of your motors and drive covers, ensure your limit switch is correctly set, and verify the placement of your guide post for smooth, reliable operation.

And don’t forget about the hidden hazards that could be lurking beneath the surface! Our comprehensive dock and pier inspections provide a clear picture of your waterfront structure’s health. We’ll meticulously assess the condition of your decking, pilings, framing, and hardware, identifying any potential concerns before they become major problems. Additionally, we’ll inspect all dock accessories, ensuring they’re functioning safely and securely.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your boat is secure and ready for your next adventure with our expert maintenance service!

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